Nicholas Tortorello

Executive Vice President at TMG Partners, LLC

Suzanne is an expert on the Millennial generation. She clearly portrays the ways this age cohort affects business today and the serious impact they will have on organizations over the next 20 years. Whether in products and services, investments, donations, demographics or research, this group will do things significantly differently than previous generations and cause innovative changes. Suzanne, like an artist, can paint a clear vision of the disruptive actions this group is causing and their impact on the world.

Garvey Jonassaint

Director of US Sales, T.R.O. Medical, Inc.

Suzanne’s prior corporate experience provided perfect insight on generational challenges that most businesses face. She is brilliant at explaining complex concepts in an engaging, memorable way so that I went back to work with an increased awareness of all my interactions.

Laura Walton

Social Capital Strategist, Visual/Voice Media Coach

Suzanne’s presentation was one of the most fun and engaging I've seen. She's an expert on workplace cross-generational issues. It's a more serious issue than many of us realize. Her delivery incorporates just the right amount of humor to make the important points resonate. I highly recommend bringing Suzanne into your organization to present-- it will make a positive difference in your overall team performance and long-term HR planning.

Grace Schuler

President at Schuler Consultants, Inc.

Suzanne gave an outstanding presentation on managing Millennials and the challenges of managing five generations. Suzanne displays both wisdom and knowledge based on years of experience consulting on leadership training and workforce development. I highly recommend Suzanne for both consulting and speaking engagements.

Ann McNally

President at TMG Partners, LLC

Suzanne is one of the best speakers I've ever heard. Her ability to draw in the audience while she both educates and entertains her listeners is outstanding. I've learned a great deal from her about how multigenerational issues impact a company's ability to succeed. I keep those issues in mind as I work with my clients to help them achieve their strategic goals.

Caitlin Halloran Edwards

Assistant Director at Swarthmore College

Thank you for an inspired and entertaining session. I've been to many sessions on communication and generational differences, but yours was by far the best. Your lecture was engaging, balanced, visually appealing, and highly informative—I walked away brimming with possibility and enlightenment!

Dwayne Patterson

Sr. Director Operations, Educational Testing Service

It was clear from the start that Suzanne had a deep understanding of her subject. She captivated an audience of senior executives throughout her presentation, with dialogue continuing well after the formal presentation concluded. I left with a greater awareness and perspective of the upcoming generation of business leaders.

Barbara Bergeron

President, SOS Organizational Services

Suzanne delivers a top-notch presentation on a topic that strikes a nerve about working in today’s multi-generational work environment. It is intriguing, engaging and poignant to people of all generations. This is a must for companies that are concerned about the communications (or lack of) between a diversity of generations, succession-planning and how to engage employees of all ages. I will be using the information I learned in this session for years to come.

Peter Blok

Partner/Investor at VCloud9 LLC

At a professional development meeting, Suzanne was very engaging and shared some wonderful insights on how the workplace is changing and how we have to adjust our thinking to engage and work more effectively with millennials. She has a talent for creating a welcoming atmosphere and sharing solid information that stays with you long after you leave the workshop.

Dorothy Stubblebine, SPHR

Executive Coach

Suzanne captivated an audience of senior executives throughout her presentation on Managing Millennials, with dialogue continuing well after the formal presentation concluded. I left the presentation with a greater awareness and perspective of the upcoming generation of business leaders. I strongly recommend Suzanne for any audience looking for ways to better understand and connect with the millennial generation.

Ed Henkler

Founder at TheBlindGuide, COO at COSY

Suzanne is an expert on the approaches required to effectively lead and manage individuals from different generations. She makes it clear that there is significant potential, often wasted, when we fail to recognize and value the differences. I was especially impressed with Suzanne's presentation skills. She took it to an entirely different level with a PowerPoint heavy on visuals and minimalist on words and an excellent personal presentation style.

Debbie Deissroth

Dynamic HR Professional

Our members were extremely pleased with the insightful information Suzanne offered and the lively discussion that was generated among the multi-generational audience. In fact, members provided Suzanne the highest speaker rating yet this season!

Maryann Kelly

CXO/Executive Solution Innovator

Suzanne provides salient and thought provoking facts and questions regarding today's historic and complex workforce. She offers practical tools for productive engagement so that all can contribute to achieving shared objectives. I highly recommend her!

Kim Brumbaugh

President & CEO, Brumbaugh Wealth Management
Your presentation helped me appreciate the differences we all bring to the table and even more importantly, the importance of working together, respecting one another, ensuring that everyone feels they have a voice and are important to the organization.

Bill Borton

Long-Term Care Planning & Insurance Specialist

Suzanne knows more about the multi-generational workplace than anyone I have ever known. She's a terrific speaker and really good at getting boomers and millennials to understand each other and work together in effective teams.

Brenda Grove

College and Career Concierge, Villanova University

As one of the key panelists at the Women in Leadership Symposium organized by the PA Diversity Council, Suzanne provided both topical data and authentic personal insights on career strategies and tips for success.

Also, as the presenter at an HR professionals meeting, she directly involved the audience and encouraged them to improve their employment practices. I can't recall hearing someone who impressed me more with the type of work she had done.