Speaking Topics

From a 1-hour keynote to half-day seminar, Suzanne tailors all Millennial and multigenerational programs for the audience.

Mocha Cappuccino Grande Please: Engaging Millennials

Mocha Cappuccino GrandeWhat steps are you taking to utilize all the energy, knowledge and innovative potential of the Millennial generation? Cut through the hype surrounding this cohort and focus on the reality of Millennial values, motivators and communication styles. Learn strategies for developing Millennials that will also positively impact your entire workforce.

Appropriate for all audiences.

How To Build and Keep the Next Generation of Leaders

successful leadership millennialsThere aren’t enough Gen Xers to replace departing leaders. An inexperienced and undertrained Millennial workforce is being called on to fill the void, resulting in lower productivity, profit drain and high turnover. Learn how you can accelerate Millennial skill development for your next generation of great leaders.

Geared to all levels of management.

Common Ground: Leveraging the Multigenerational Workforce for Productivity and Profitability

A workforce that spans multiple generations offers exceptional opportunities, but also leadership challenges. Learn how to cultivate understanding among five diverse generations, address stereotypes, remove barriers, reduce friction, improve team communications and implement best practices for improving employee engagement at all levels.

Appropriate for all audiences.

Millennials: At the Leadership Table

millennials leadership tableAlthough moving into leadership positions faster than any generation in the last 30 years, Millennials are reporting that they are overwhelmed and ill prepared for their new roles. This program teaches the skills needed for emerging leaders’ success, including interpersonal communications, conflict, power, leading multigenerational teams and self-branding.

Geared to Millennials (and other emerging leaders) aspiring to or in leadership roles.

Hello, Hi and Hey: How's Your Communication Style Working For You?

Multigenerational Communication SytlesOur communication styles result from family communications and values, individual experiences and significant generational events. This interactive discussion encourages participants to look at their own communications style, compare it to that of other generations and get some innovative ideas for improving communications across all generations.

Appropriate for all audiences.

Creating a New Leadership Conversation Between Incumbent and Emerging Leaders

Build and grow a business - millennialsWhat does it take for incumbent and emerging leaders to respect and build on each other’s outlooks? This interactive conversation provides leaders of multiple generations with the knowledge and skills to understand, shape and remove barriers for mutually beneficial relationships.

Appropriate for groups of mixed generation leaders.

Law Firm Marketing to Millennials: Your Firm’s Future

millennials smartphonesThe Millennial market offers a large, significant and untapped opportunity for law firms who are reeling within their competitive marketplace. This session discusses the potential bottom line impact of millennials, their characteristics, strategies for reaching them and what specific actions the firm must take to penetrate this growing market.

Appropriate for firm retreats and seminars.

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Since all presentations are customized, contact us about a presentation that will meet your specific needs, or call 610-827-9114.

Contact Us

Since all presentations are customized, contact us about a presentation that will meet your specific needs, or call 610-827-9114.


Suzanne delivers a top-notch presentation on a topic that strikes a nerve about working in today’s multi-generational work environment. It is intriguing, engaging and poignant to people of all generations. This is a must for companies that are concerned about the communications (or lack of) between a diversity of generations, succession-planning and how to engage employees of all ages. I will be using the information I learned in this session for years to come.

Barbara Bergeron

President, SOS Organizational Services