Multigenerational Consulting Services

Our technology driven, multigenerational workforce creates both opportunities and challenges—impacting internal talent as well as customer connections. To increase innovation and successfully compete in the global marketplace, pay attention to how your workforce:

  • Communicates, gives performance feedback, makes decisions
  • Shows respect and provides development to enhance retention and loyalty
  • Engages to increase productivity and profitability

You are busy running your business. Talent Balance consulting provides the expertise needed to resolve challenges as quickly as possible for productive long-term results. We pride ourselves on practicality and immediacy and not dragging out consulting longer than needed.

We utilize The Balance Blueprint as a roadmap for analysis, priorities, plans and measurement. It provides a unique, umbrella approach for leveraging all the talents in your multigenerational workforce.

The end goal is improved engagement and performance across all generations. We:

  • Start with in –depth conversations about your current challenges as well as successes,
  • Continue with relevant analysis, which may include: assessments of the workforce generational makeup, the implications of those demographics, and focus group feedback to complete the picture. Then,
  • Desired long-term results are outlined and specific action plans with accountability, follow up and measurements are determined. Internal resources are factored into the plan.

In partnering with you, here are a few examples of components we may recommend to achieve your goals:

  • Relevant strategies for working across generations and borders
  • Education and background on generational characteristics and misconceptions
  • Skill building for maximizing the potential to achieve uncommon results
  • Recommendations for best practices for leadership development and increased engagement.
Suzanne Kaplan multigenerational and millennial consultant and speaker

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