Multigenerational Consulting Services

Today’s ever-changing multigenerational workforce creates both opportunities and challenges.

Seize the opportunities – develop an action plan to propel internal talent development and strengthen client connections.

Suzanne Kaplan provides hands-on help for companies who must transform their workforce and build better relationships. The end goal? Increased innovation and the ability to successfully compete in the global marketplace.

She will:

  • Examine how your workforce communicates, shows respect, gives performance feedback, and makes decisions
  • Pinpoint ways to more effectively communicate with both the talent in your organization and clients with whom you aim to build stronger relationships
  • Provide concrete ways to influence your culture to enhance engagement for improved retention and increased productivity and profitability

Clients receive a customized roadmap with analysis, priorities, plans and measurement – it’s the best set of actionable tools available to assist in the growth of your organization.

Suzanne Kaplan multigenerational and millennial consultant and speaker

Suzanne’s focus is on practicality and immediacy, and she does not “drag out” consulting longer than needed.

Suzanne gave an outstanding presentation on managing Millennials and the challenges of managing five generations. Suzanne displays both wisdom and knowledge based on years of experience consulting on leadership training and workforce development. I highly recommend Suzanne for both consulting and speaking engagements.

Grace Schuler

President, Schuler Consultants, Inc.