Leadership Development

How to Build and Keep Your Next Generation of Leaders

What are you doing?

Forward-thinking leadership is critical for the success of your organization. How well prepared are you for engaging, integrating and developing your Millennial leaders?

  • What steps are you taking to ensure your Millennials’ energy, skills, knowledge and innovation potential are utilized rather than walking out the door to your competition?
  • Do you have a system for knowledge and culture transfer so that what’s in your retiring Baby Boomers heads is conveyed to younger employees…and not lost forever?
  • Are succession plans in place for a pool of ready candidates to step into leadership?

We work with you to identify your leadership challenges and partner in solutions. Our expertise is guaranteed to educate and energize your leaders. Most programs can be presented as overviews, half or full day sessions or sequential modules. All are customized specifically to client needs.

Here are a few examples of Strategic Work Sessions for developing your next generation of leaders:

Millennials: At the Leadership Table

Although moving into leadership positions faster than any generation in the last 30 years, Millennials are reporting that they are overwhelmed and ill prepared for their new roles. This program teaches the skills needed for emerging leaders’ success, including interpersonal communications, conflict, power, leading multigenerational teams and self-branding. Uniquely presented with a bi-generational perspective by Suzanne Kaplan, a Baby Boomer, and Dr. Brandi Baldwin-Rana, a Millennial, of YouAdviseMe.

Audience: Geared to Millennials (and other emerging leaders) aspiring to or in leadership roles.

Millennials taking place at leadership table
improve global business communications

The Global Strategic Leverage Program

Geared to global organizations who want to improve communication and performance, not only across generations but also across borders. Program discusses building a global mindset, the influence of specific cultural factors on communication and performance, comparisons of US business practices with those in other cultures, and best practices for building a powerful cross-cultural organization.

Audience: Appropriate for anyone with global responsibilities.

Finding Common Ground: The Urgency of Leveraging the Multi-Generational Workforce

To be competitive and grow in today’s economic environment, forward thinking leaders know they must access all the skills and potential of all generations in their workforce. By widening their lens and perspectives, leaders can innovate and flex styles for improved results. Understand the five generations and their complexities; address stereotypes; learn how to reduce friction, improve team communications, and implement best practices for improving employee engagement at all levels.

Audience: Geared to upper management and leaders but can be adapted to other audiences.


Understanding The Big Generational Picture

A two-part program to educate about generational differences, as well as commonalities, and why they matter. The first module strengthens understanding of the five generations present in the workforce, including communication preferences and work styles. The second module is geared to managers and assists them to lead and leverage the perspectives, styles and skills of all generations for increased business effectiveness.

Bridging the Leadership Generational Divide

Presented in partnership with The Training Edge. Provides leaders of multiple generations with knowledge and skills to remove inherent barriers to productive relationships between incumbent and emerging leaders. Unlike other “generations in the workplace” programs which address generational demographics, this experiential program focuses on understanding and shaping generational dynamics already present in the organization. Accessing the wisdom of experienced leaders as well as the spirit of emerging leaders produces the framework for mutually beneficial relationships and improved communications. An assessment is used to measure behaviors. Includes a leader transformation model, case studies, role plays and action planning tools.

Length: Full day program that can be customized to specific needs.

  • Ann McNally

    President at TMG Partners, LLC

    Suzanne is one of the best speakers I've ever heard. Her ability to draw in the audience while she both educates and entertains her listeners is outstanding. I've learned a great deal from her about how multigenerational issues impact a company's ability to succeed. I keep those issues in mind as I work with my clients to help them achieve their strategic goals.

  • Kim Brumbaugh

    President & CEO, Brumbaugh Wealth Management
    Your presentation helped me appreciate the differences we all bring to the table and even more importantly, the importance of working together, respecting one another, ensuring that everyone feels they have a voice and are important to the organization.
  • Dorothy Stubblebine, SPHR

    Executive Coach

    Suzanne captivated an audience of senior executives throughout her presentation on Managing Millennials, with dialogue continuing well after the formal presentation concluded. I left the presentation with a greater awareness and perspective of the upcoming generation of business leaders. I strongly recommend Suzanne for any audience looking for ways to better understand and connect with the millennial generation.