About Suzanne Kaplan

Suzanne F. Kaplan, President, Talent Balance - Multigenerational Consultant

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Let me explain.

This is now:  Almost every day, and across every industry, I hear complaints about Millennials from Baby Boomers and GenXers. I am told about Millennials’ perceived lack of interpersonal skills. I hear of their impatience, their inability to stick with something for any length of time.

And, on the flip side, Millennials voice dissatisfaction to me about how Boomers and Xers are stuck in their ways, are not willing to hear Millennials’ new ideas, and do not effectively utilize technology.

All this banter, this complaining, is truly counter-productive and saps forward-thinking and innovative energy away from the workplace.

That was then: Let’s go back a few years to when I started my own career. I faced gender challenges — as a woman, I was not taken as seriously, my “new ideas” weren’t always appreciated, and the status quo and stereotypes cut into my ability to contribute. Because of my gender, I had to fight very hard to move up the corporate ladder.

Many years ago, these “battles” were taking positive energy out of our culture and, once again, were counter-productive. (Sound familiar?)

In a world that is changing faster than ever before, I have come full circle.

It is safe to say that I am now wiser and more observant than ever. I now see history repeating itself. I see the same “we’ve always done it this way” patterns repeating themselves with Millennials with predictable outcomes – Millennials are indeed the least engaged generation and, unlike previous generations, will walk out the door if an organization’s culture doesn’t support their development. And, this time around, we have quantified the outcomes – the disengagement of Millennials is costing organizations hundreds of billions of dollars in lost productivity and a crisis in talent retention and leadership development.

My current role—partnering with organizations.

I am here to help organizations make the needed changes so that these talented Millennials are fully engaged, contributing employees. I guide others in understanding how to best communicate and “reach” Millennials – whether as employees or clients.

I understand Baby Boomers because I am one. I understand Millennials through my early career experiences, my work with Millennials and ongoing research…plus, I have two Millennial children who eagerly keep me up-to-date on all things Millennial.

My energy goes full bore ahead when I can bridge diverging generational styles, see light bulbs go off and encourage clients to create cultures where all generations can thrive and find our commonalities of purpose.

Suzanne F. Kaplan, President, Talent Balance - Multigenerational Consultant

Speaking and Workshops

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  • Caitlin Halloran Edwards

    Caitlin Halloran Edwards

    Assistant Director at Swarthmore College

    Thank you for an inspired and entertaining session. I've been to many sessions on communication and generational differences, but yours was by far the best. Your lecture was engaging, balanced, visually appealing, and highly informative—I walked away brimming with possibility and enlightenment!

  • Grace Schuler

    Grace Schuler

    President at Schuler Consultants, Inc.

    Suzanne gave an outstanding presentation on managing Millennials and the challenges of managing five generations. Suzanne displays both wisdom and knowledge based on years of experience consulting on leadership training and workforce development. I highly recommend Suzanne for both consulting and speaking engagements.

  • Laura Walton

    Laura Walton

    Social Capital Strategist, Visual/Voice Media Coach

    Suzanne's presentation was one of the most fun and engaging I've seen. She's an expert on workplace cross-generational issues. It's a more serious issue than many of us realize. Her delivery incorporates just the right amount of humor to make the important points resonate. I highly recommend bringing Suzanne into your organization to present--it will make a positive difference in your overall team performance and long-term HR planning.