Decode Millennials to improve company performance

“Millennials – America’s largest generation – are radically changing the way the world spends and works. [In every industry] they are disrupting your business today.”

– 2017 Gallup Report on Millennials

Millennials are profoundly different from every other generation.

As the least engaged generation, Millennials cost companies hundreds of billions of dollars in lost profitability, productivity, and innovation.

As a new, lucrative market, Millennials seek information and buy differently than other generations.

Look to Suzanne Kaplan to provide immediate implementable solutions and tools to Decode Millennials – so you can successfully stay ahead of the change curves bombarding your organization.



Suzanne’s engagements include

Suzanne Kaplan has spoken to these businesses on multigenerational issues

Optimize your multigenerational workforce. And reach the prime Millennial target market.

Optimize your multi-generational workforce. And reach the prime Millennial target market.

  • Peter Blok

    Peter Blok

    Partner/Investor at VCloud9 LLC

    At a professional development meeting, Suzanne was very engaging and shared some wonderful insights on how the workplace is changing and how we have to adjust our thinking to engage and work more effectively with millennials. She has a talent for creating a welcoming atmosphere and sharing solid information that stays with you long after you leave the workshop.

  • Bill Borton

    Bill Borton

    Long-Term Care Planning & Insurance Specialist

    Suzanne knows more about the multi-generational workplace than anyone I have ever known. She's a terrific speaker and really good at getting boomers and millennials to understand each other and work together in effective teams.

  • Garvey Jonassaint

    Garvey Jonassaint

    Director of US Sales, T.R.O. Medical, Inc.

    Suzanne’s prior corporate experience provided perfect insight on generational challenges that most businesses face. She is brilliant at explaining complex concepts in an engaging, memorable way so that I went back to work with an increased awareness of all my interactions.

Suzanne is an expert on the Millennial generation. She clearly portrays the ways this age cohort affects business today and the serious impact they will have on organizations over the next 20 years. Whether in products and services, investments, donations, demographics or research, this group will do things significantly differently than previous generations and cause innovative changes. Suzanne, like an artist, can paint a clear vision of the disruptive actions this group is causing and their impact on the world. Nicholas Tortorello

Executive Vice President, TMG Partners, LLC